Jacob’s Pillow – From Farm to Festival

1790-1933: From Farm to Festival Jacob’s Pillow began in 1790 as a hard-scrabble mountaintop farm at the crest of a twisting, climbing stagecoach road between Boston and Albany. Local folk viewing the zig-zagging road from the bottom of the hill thought it resembled the rungs of a ladder, so these biblically minded New Englanders dubbed it “Jacob’s Ladder.” Boulders dotted the farm pastures, among them a curiously-shaped one located behind the farmhouse. Given the rock “pillow” and the farm’s proximity to “Jacob’s Ladder,” the Carter Family, who settled the property, furthered local allusions to the Book of Genesis (which tells of Jacob laying his head upon a rock and dreaming of a ladder to heaven) by giving their farm the name “Jacob’s Pillow.”

In 1930, modern dance pioneer Ted Shawn bought the farm as a retreat.… Read the rest

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The Shakers and Hancock Shaker Village

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The Clark Museum

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Daniel Chester French-Chesterwood Museum

Think of it as a treasure hunt of America’s foremost classical sculptor: Daniel Chester French, the artist who created such powerful American symbols as the seated Lincoln for the Lincoln Memorial and The Minute Man statue.

From the doors of the Boston Public Library to St. Paul’s Church and the Chesterwood Museum in Stockbridge, take a tour of French’s treasures that are tucked away in cities and towns scattered throughout the state of Massachusetts. The educational experience of such a tour – exploring the tradition of American sculpture – is enhanced by the travel experience – the best of Massachusetts in terms of attractions, cultural arts, recreation, scenic beauty, lodging, dining and shopping.… Read the rest

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Berkshire Theatre Festival

At 78 years old, the Berkshire Theatre Festival has the unique distinction of being the longest-running professional performing arts organization in Berkshire County andone of the first established regional theatres in the United States. Guided by Executive Director Kate Maguire, the theatre’s access to its past translates into a vivid sense of what it means to be a participant in today’s diverse and complex world. The vast artistic spectrum of artists who have written, performed, directed and designed here through the decades has given the BTF a unique perspective from which to view the future. Consistently high quality productions on both the Main Stage and in the Unicorn Theatre, attest to the profound impact history has on our expansive contemporary culture.… Read the rest

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